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Designed by Lola Johnson, Third Vault Yarns

Dice rolls and co-operative strategy in a post-zombie apocalyptic
world. You play as survivors, working to escape to a safer place,
collect food, find other survivors and more. ApoCowlypse was
designed for a post-apocalyptic aesthetic, something quick and
light weight that can be worn in a number of ways to keep you
warm. Using twisted knitting to add structure and short rows for
shaping. It’s a project that lets you try out some new techniques
whilst still being a relatively simple and fast knit.

How to choose yarn?

The yarn used for the sample here is Third Vault Yarns Tesseract. A bluefaced leicester 55% 45% silk blend yarn of a heavy laceweight/light fingering weight with 600m/100g. It is a 2ply construction and has nice stitch definitition. This yarn has a lovely handle, and it's definining characteristic in fabric is it's pronounced drape. When substitituing yarn for this pattern, look for something that has a good drape, you can use 100% wool, wool blends or non-wool here for this pattern, just make sure if you will be knitting the close neck version that you choose a very stretchy yarn and stretchy cast on. The pattern will also work well in a standard fingering weight, though it will mean that the cowlette has less drape.

Properties & style to focus on for yarn choices

  • Smooth yarn with good stitch definition.
  • Can be blocked.
  • Solids, Semisolids, tonally variegated, speckles, or strong variegated yarns.
  • Good drape

Testers used

  • Gamercrafting merino 4ply
  • Camel silk lace
  • Merino 4ply, companion shawl and otherwise


The Cowlette is made from a very adaptable pattern, It has

  • Two options of neck width, for close and wide fitting.
  • Two neckline depths for a more ruched fit around the neck or a smooth transition into the general shape. 
  • Several options for finishing length, it's up to you how long you'd like to make it.
  • Two + options of width, you can choose to knit size one and increase the width with the length (or only increase length not width by excluding the increases), or knit size 2 and increase for a much wider size overall as well as longer length.

Technique Videos

Twisted Knitting Stitch

This stitch is created over two rows of knitting and creates a stretchy but structured fabric, which is used for the placket.
Tutorial by Joannesweb as placeholder, excellent tutorial.

Smocked Stitch - Coming soon

The smocked stitch as it relates to the pattern, these are placed randomly for effect.

Short Rows

Specifically the german short row knitting method.

Dyer and Designer of geeky yarns and knitting patterns. With a design ethos of fun construction and enjoy every stitch. She designs accessories with a sometimes geeky inspiration. She is an avid board gamer and reader of science fiction and fantasy books, and is always translating those as inspiration.

Lola Johnson

Third Vault Yarns