The Creature Compendium yarn club is a club focusing on all manner of magical, mystical, mythical creatures, with monthly installments to thrill and delight. Each month a creature is selected and brought to life in yarn, then you get to learn more about that creature through its profile here. Sign ups are open all year round for this large project club, allowing you to join in and set the amount of yarn that will help you complete your project.
Yarn is available across a range of bases and in sizes from 20g to 150g.

Here is the Sign up for the 2024 Creature Compendium ~ join us for a big gradient of colour.

Each quarter form 2020 focused on a different Element, Q1 - Air, Q2 - Water, Q3 - Earth, Q4 - Fire 

2021 and 2023 focused on Cryptids from different areas of the world by quarter.

2022 was a deep dive into two regions of the world and exploring and learning about their creatures of lore over 6 months each.

2024 will look at creatures from around the world and put them together in a pleasing transitional flow of colour


2022 Deep Dives Democratic Republic of Congo & Phillipines

Each creature from 2022 was accompanied by a poem of warning or celebration to help set the scene and tell a story about the creature about.

Akempeshimpeshi- When lighting strikes with all its might, from Lesa's lake they flow, but if it snaps and there's no way back, with a bleat and crack you'll know.
Crowing Crested Cobra -Among rock and boulder, High branch and tree, Listen for the clicking, And maybe you'll go free. Stealithy it slithers, With the roosters crow it strikes.
Batibat -Woe to those who forests fell, Vengeful demons in trees do dwell, Ne'er peaceful sleep will they find, In paralysis and nightmare this creature will bind.

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2021 Q1 - British Isles

For 2021's Creature Compendium we focused on contrasting colours for colourwork projects quarter by quarter. With a brief quarterly hop into different regions. 

At the front from left to right we have 
Gert Dog (Black Dog, not all of which are menacing)
Dobhar Chu
Winged Serpents of Glamorgan

in Hardy Dk (merino nylon) and on top the same colours in Kaguya 4ply (Bamboo)

3 skeins facing the screen with black and reds, brown blues and purples, with multicolours in wool. the same 3 colourways on bamboo are laid across the top part of these skeins facing to the left side

2020 Year Long Transition

 On a grey and blue striped fabric background,  12 skeins of dk weight yarn sit 2 skein high in a line. with colours ranging from silver with pastel flashes to a deep steely blue and cerulean, green and purple flashes on the top. On the bottom colours range from greens and browns to bright orangey reds with a shot of black.
Image By TashKnits
6 skeins on a grey blue striped background , at an angle colourways from left to right are the Air and Water Months in order
Image By TashKnits

2020 From Left to Right Above
<- Air
Peryton, Raiju, Rainbow wyvern 
<- Water
Kelpie, Kraken, Selkie
Earth ->
Goblin, Chupacabra, Mongolian Deathworm
Fire ->
 Phoenix, Ifrit, Aitvaras

Credit & Copyright TashKnits  (3 images) 

6 skeins on a grey blue striped background , at an angle colourways from right to left are the Earth and Fire Months in order
Image By TashKnits
The words creature compendium  under an open book with  waving pages and creatures arrayed around it

Creature art elements by Anna of SimpleWishesArt, book by Alina of CristalinaShop