New Patterns

I love to dabble in many different crafts, and before I was a knitter, I sewed constantly, Knitting is far more portable though! I have always been interested in fashion and have kept the same design aesthetic from my sewing to my knitting. With garment design I like to flatter and enhance the body, with versatile style for different body shapes. Overall though I enjoy playing with interesting construction, as well as bringing elements of my Geekyness into my designs. My full pattern library for purchase can be found here on Ravelry

Electric Skylines

Electric Skylines is a sideways construction crescent shaped shawl, which uses short rows as a design feature and to help create the curve as a structural part of the design. 

Inspired by the high rises and skyscrapers of London City.

Using TVY Companion Shawl and Companion minis in the component colours of the main colourway.
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Image of a girl holding a long crescent shaped shawl, with 5 different coloured, different height sections of stripes to look like skylines
Girl with purple plaited hair wearing blue hat with Roman Numerals that spiral around the hat

Time Vortex Hat

Inspired by Dr Who, this spiral cloche with Roman numeral motifs is its own knitting time vortex.

I wanted to create a pattern that was inspired by the steampunk style Time Vortex opening credits with swirling clocks for the 12th Doctor’s series. So utilising the spiral construction and the numeral charts gives you a fun whovian inspired hat.

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