Small Gift Guide 2023

Whew! December has come around fast! 
For a lot people that means that different gift giving holidays are just around the corner including Christmas. If you're like me and despite some of your best intentions are still finishing up that holiday shopping... then hopefully this guide can help you with some stocking fillers for the Yarny and or Geeky person in your life!


Want to get some fun accessories to add pops of colour in this wintery weather? We've got some soft, fluffy faux fur pom poms in a wonderful range of colours. 

Special Stitch Markers

Tales of the Alhambra

This gorgeous set of stitch markers is from Mahliqa by Suraya hussein a designer of hand knitted and crochet jewelry. It is well worth taking a look around Mahliqa for yarn adjacent luxury gifts.

Pride Potions

These stitch markers aren't just for pride, and are great for adding some queer representation to your knitting!
A set of 10 stitchmarkers representing 10 different pride flags, including sexuality and gender identity. 

Keyrings for Dice Rollers!.

Does the Table Top Role Player or Board Gamer in your life need some accessories for their keys? Something to make those keys a little harder to misplace because they're a little more distinct to the eye?
We have some super fun D20 inspired keyrings 

  • crit angel crit mimic (3 of 4).jpg
  • crit mimic (1 of 2).jpg
  • crit angel (3 of 3).jpg
  • crit angel crit mimic (2 of 4).jpg

Accessories & Gifts

a clear resin coaster sits in the middle of the image with a blue crocheted snoflake captured in it with tiny silver snowflakes also scattered inside the resin

Resin Coasters

Hooking Marvellous has turned their hands to these lovely resin coasters with captured crochet,

Lynzi also dyes lovely self striping yarn.

a cloth page corner bookmark and fabric keyring using pink flowery anti-social club fabric

Bookmarks and keyrings

Sew Yarnilicious has lovely hand made accessories, including project bags and notions pouches. Smaller gift items include these bookmark and keyring sets in pretty colours and sturdy fabrics.

acrylic circular gauges with 2 inch and 1 inch crosses in the middle and holes for needle sizing up to 4mm

Mini Gauges

 These mini gauges are ideal for popping in with a sock project or skein of yarn, for checking your needles are the right size and checking gauge on the go. they can also be clipped to your bag for larger projects.

Speed Running Socks?

Did you commit to making all your family socks for the holidays and are staring down a pile of skeins that really should be socks? Try a sock tube cranking services, I've used them myself (click the image arrows to see) and all i've got to finish is my cuffs heels and toes, a fair bit quicker than several pairs of full socks!
Sophie of Tricot Treats also has several ready made items which would make lovely gifts. 

  • sophtricot treats
  • lola yarns wound
  • sock tubes for lola