Mindreaper Mitts

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Designed by Angelina Panozzo, Gamercrafting

Breaking seals and summoning the elder gods is the aim
of the game, to rid this world of them once and for all.
These mitts show the encroaching war on the psyche from
those betentacled gods, and keep you warm through all
the dice rolling. Knit flat and focusing on intarsia these
are a relatively simple introduction to colourwork.

How to choose yarn?

The yarn used for the sample here is Gamercrafting merino dk, this is a 12 plied smooth and springy dk wool yarn, similar to many commercial brands of dk wool, alternatives are fairly accessible in a range of prices. Such as king cole, drops and more.

Properties & style to focus on for yarn choices

  • Good stitch definition.
  • Can be blocked.
  • Solids, Semisolids, tonally variegated.


Technique Videos

Intarsia Colourwork

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Dyer and Designer of geeky yarns and knitting patterns. With a design ethos of fun construction and enjoy every stitch. She designs accessories with a sometimes geeky inspiration. She is an avid board gamer and reader of science fiction and fantasy books, and is always translating those as inspiration.

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