Sonar Socks

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Designed by Diane Ugo, Mrs U Makes

The Sonar Socks are inspired by Captain Sonar. In this
cat and mouse game each team uses their tracking and
evasion skills to scope out the opposing team.
The sonar had to be the main feature, it’s
recognisable and in this pattern it makes a
great beginner texture project.

How to choose yarn?

The yarn used here is Third Vault Yarns Librarian Sock which is a smooth tightly spun yarn. A blend of Bluefaced leicester wool and nylon, promoting softeness and robustness with good stitch definition. Any sock yarn is suitable for this pattern, choose yarns containing nylon for strength and durability. Wool fibres are suggested for comfort and stretch. 

Properties & style to focus on for yarn choices

  • Smooth yarn with good stitch definition.
  • Can be blocked.
  • Solids, Semisolids, or very lightly tonally variegated. 


Designer, Podcaster and Maker. Her aim when designing is to promote simplicity whilst introducing interesting elements to all her patterns. Shawls, cowls and socks being her accessories of choice to design, providing a blank canvas to an array of texture and colour possibilities.

Diane Ugo

Mrs U Makes