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Hi I'm Lola, a Queer & Neurospicy Nigerian & British TTRPG player, GM, TTRPG Writer and all round dice gremlin.

Lola Johnson, UK

[email protected]

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You can find me playing & DMing for RollTogetherRPG and several other channels, Please see below for links to the AP i've been in:


Ongoing Campaigns


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Soldier, Amnesiac and unknowning latent wild magic warlock

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Irerai (DnD)

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Standalone TTRPGs and Adventures

Digital art of a blocky cave with moss growing at the bottom on an barren island with a sunset background. The title along the side

 One shot style system neutral TTRPG adventure,

A yawning portal reaching deep into the world, full of dreaming, water and dust. Tackle the demons of your pasts, dream your future and bring the shadows back into the light…

An image of jupiter zoomed in with the text of Letter of Europa

A solo journaling game in two parts. The first you play as a person here on earth writing letters to a loved one on Europa. In the second you play as your loved one receiving the letters and writing back. This is an introspective game, a way of acknowledging the good, the bad and beautiful trivial of the past year, whilst speaking hope into the new year.