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  1. Swing Me Right Round Techniques Part Deux : Short Rows & Grafting

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    ----------Taken from the Third Vault on the Left Archives --------

    There are a few techniques in the pattern that are not necessarily standard to all jumper patterns, though are really handy to know how to do. There are links to tutorials for all these techniques in the techniques section on the first page. 

    Short rows

    Short rows are a requirement in the pattern to work the shoulder slopes on the back and the front of the jumper. There are many different short row techniques out there including wrap and turn. However the recommended short row method in the pattern is either Japanese short rows or German short row. This is because these methods are simple and less noticeable in the fabric, in fact there are many times that I have gone back to look at my knitting and I can't see where my short rows end, because it blends in so well. Of the two methods in the pattern German short rows are the simplest and easiest to do, they don't require any extra knitting supplies like stitch markers or pins and they are easy to work both when doing the short row and closing it.

  2. Ribbing Round Corners

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    I've been meaning to post this for a very long time, from back when I was working on my Sandshore cardigan. I really enjoy trying out new things to improve the look or add a challenge to some of my projects and this was a new technique that I wanted to learn so i'm sharing it with you now. 

    Sandshore is a beautiful summer cardigan designed by Alicia Plummer , I knit it as part of The Ultimate KAL in the Plum Dandi Ravelry group. I also knit an Ease for that Knit along. Those were the days where I had lots more knitting time and Jumpers were my go to. I still want to knit all the jumpers but my knitting time at the moment no longer allows. I will crack on the project that i've been planning for about a year now. I have the most beautiful yarn from Triskelion for it, but i digress.

    Whilst knitting my Sandshore Cardigan, as seen below knitted using Drops Bomull-lin in dark blue, I became very interested in the idea of knitting the ribbing for the whole jumper in one go, as I like the idea of ribbing that flows rather than stops and starts. So I went ahunting for any information about doing it. There wasn't that much out there but I did find an ehow article that this post is adapted from to better describe knitting the ribbing.

    Sandshore frontsandshore back