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This is what you've all been waiting for! A reveal of the full collection. 

I first stumbled upon The Endless not through the original Sandman comics but through the manga comic by Jill thompson, Death: At Death's Door. I fell in love with the idea of the character Death, and even attempted to do the odd cosplay as her. It was through this small window into the Seasons of the Mist, I discovered The Endless.

For some of the Endless, the colours were easy enough, they sat in my head and wanted to become yarn, in one case Desired! Others required more research and more binge reading of The Sandman Comics. Just like the anthropomorphic characters they are named after, I have my favourites but they all speak to me and i'm happy to be able to share the new collection with you.

the oldest

Destiny, Death and Dream, the oldest of the Endless. Each represented by their sigils in the respective galleries of the comics. Destiny by the book that holds the universe chained to his wrist. Death by the Ankh she wears around her neck and Dream by his helmet, his tool of office. 


The Youngest

The younger siblings, the Twins Desire and Despair who often scheme against their elder siblings. Depicted as the glass heart and the hook ring despair wears on her finger. Destruction, the prodigal, who has left the family and no longer bears the mantle and responsibility for the destruction in the world. Then the youngest Delirium, formerly Delight long ago,  as it says Delight was Sad.. Delight went Mad. Shown as a swirl of colour.


This collection will make its first outing at the Yarn in the City, Great London Yarn Crawl Marketplace (9th of September). So swing by the Third Vault Yarns stand at the after party. If you can't make it to the yarn crawl you can use the sign up form below to get your hands on these colourways until the 16th of September. After which the yarns will be update only,

Sign up to pre-order the yarn here

What do you think of these colourways? 

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  1. Daisy Swaffer

    After discovering this collection I have become fixated on making a garment with each of the 7 colourways! I'm knitting with Delirium right now, I received Desire this week and I have Death and Dream in order. Will be getting Destruction, Destiny and Despair as soon as I can too. I have planned out exactly what I want to make from each of them. I wish I had discovered this collection years ago but it was only fairly recently that I discovered the wonders of hand dyed yarn!

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