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I loved pairing yarn and patterns for the previous YarniTea club, it was always fun to watch something develop on theme and whilst YarniTea club has been retired we’re going to be having a new yarn pattern club. One that in true Third Vault Style you’ve chosen by telling me what Ideas you like the most. The Vaulter's Book Club!

Now you’ve just received some (fantastic :P) yarn and mini skeins for your Potter club but you don’t quite know what to make with them.


So here I’ve put together a list of choices in varied yarn weights so that there is something for everyone. The majority of them are on theme (These are also mostly knitting patterns, but i have tried to find some on theme crochet) :D. 

If you’d like to see all of them at once with easy linking to each on Ravelry you can check out the Potter Club Bundle, I’ve also thrown in some random themed patterns that aren’t listed here but are pretty cool and can be made out of stash yarn.

Lace Weight Patterns
These patterns can be achieved with one skein of Tesseract.

Mermaid’s song from the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Magazine

Venemous tentacula by Jennifer Dassau

This is a simple triangle shawl with a lot of interest, so worth it if you want something simple but fun.  

Fingering and Sock weight
I’ve tried to include options for if you chose companion 4ply or our luxury bases as well as sock pattern options that will work well with Twin Cores.

Hermione’s everyday socks by Erica Lueder
These are a great pattern to tame most variegated yarns for socks. So worth having a look at.


Half blood Prince by Angela tennant

Bellatrix by Monkey Toes


Firebolt by Mia Rinde



Olivander Shawl by Kay F Jones
A nice shawl that requires another skein of fingering for wide stripes, but could be fun to pair something with the variegated twin cores skein.


DK weight

Queenie Goldstein Cowl By Emily Bujold

Time Turner fingerless mitts by knitting for sanity

Luna lovegood scarf by Jen valure (Crochet)

Hermionie’s Everyday Mitts by Erica Lueder


Mini skein Patterns

Great Weekend Mitts by Thea Eschliman

These could be a great pattern for the mini skeins, you can pair friend and foe together or have friend’s on one glove and Foe on the other. Or you could use these to demonstrate some house pride!

E.L.F cap

Seems like a great way to use up minis, though only if you're feeling like channelling a little dobby :D

Hallowed Hands
want your own potter yarn version of Hermione’s gloves these Dk mitts are a good option for your Dk minis, throw in a couple of other colours too.

Now I hope this has helped with some project choices, I wish that I could have found more but I will keep adding to the bundle as I go along so keep checking it out, there are more in the bundle than here already :D. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for patterns that I could add or if any of these spark your interest !

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  1. Diane Ugo

    Some of those patterns are on another level.

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  2. Merlyn Reid

    Great idea!! Must check some of these.... Thanks Lola!

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