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  1. In 2017 we had a Monthly Yarn club that focused on Sci fi and Fantasy characters and films/series and the ultimate crafting companion, Tea! Yes i'm pretty serious about my tea, and I was really excited to share that with through our collaboration with Beastly Beverages. Whilst YarniTea is no longer I'd like to do a run down of all the great patterns and designers that worked to bring you some truly excellent themed patterns to go with your yarn and tea.

    King Under The Mountain ~ Thorin Oakensheild
    Oakendsheild club (2 of 2)
    Having started it feels a little like i'm tooting my own horn a little, not the case! 

    Oakensheild Gauntlets are knit out of the 2 x 50g skein Club colourways Thorin’s Mantle (Navy and Gold) to symbolise his crown and the Gold that calls to him in Erebor. Thorin’s Bane is a solid version of Arkenstone which represents the stone itself and his armour.

    The pattern Oakensheild Gauntlets takes inspiration from his armour in the Hobbit movie trilogy.

    The Yarn Kit for this pattern can be ordered through the Etsy shop and will soon be available to order in the website shop.

    Rey ~ Star Warstea-1

    The colourway ‘And you’ll drop your weapon’ is inspired by Rey’s Jakku origins, her clothing hair and staff. The name was chosen for the scene when she first attempts to use her Jedi mind powers, whilst tied up in a first order interrogation chair.

    This ties in with Virginia Sattler – Reimer’s pattern Rey Socks which uses texture to allude to the same thing. 

    And you'll drop your weapon is available in store in Sock and Dk weight. This yarn was also recently featured in Knitting magazine as Rey armwarmers, so you can have matching socks and armwarmers!

    I Want to Believe ~ Xfiles
    I Want to Believe was the yarn for this club heavily influenced by the Designer Kirsty Gilbert but inspired by the Red and the Alien greens used in the promo colours for the show. 

    The design Sure. Fine. Whatever (name taken from a show quote) uses different open work textures to produce an alien feeling snood style cowl in a fingering weight yarn, which really sets off the yarn.


    Kaiju Groupie - Pacific Rim  

    Pacific Rim Scarf- Rachey Newin

    The Pacific Rim Cowl/Scarf Crochet pattern for this club was designed by Rachey Newin and she took her inspiration from The Drift and the fact that each Jaeger is piloted by two pilots that with a neural handshake become two halfs of a whole. 

    Kaiju Groupie the colourway was inspired by the dynamic between Herman and Newt the scientists, Herman calls Newt a kaiju groupie for his unconventional methods of kaiju research and fascination with them.

    Finn - Star Wars


    Finn Socks



    These wonderful socks were designed by Tash Burret who took inspiration from Finn and his newly aquired coat, however there is a little nod on the outside of each ankle to Finn's past as a Storm trooper. 

    The Colourway The name's Finn and i'm in charge was also inspired by his coat and the colours with little flecks of red and black for the detailing.




    Sadly we had to finish there as we weren't able to continue with our beastly beverages and TVY collaboration, however we do have a replacement club that's even more awesome. The Vaulter's Book Club, a quarterly club that kicks off every quarter with a really great book that we then get to discuss in the ravelry group. The current club is going out this week and sign ups for the next one will be available in March.



  2. Today is an exciting day for me. Not only do I start a weaving course (which I’ve been looking forward to for a while), Knitting Magazine February 2018 has been published!

    I’ve been looking forward to this issue since early last year when the Editor the wonderful Christine Boggis contacted me to  say she’d like to feature my yarn in an issue as she’d been seeing it in a few places and was really interested in the concept. We sat down to chat in June and talked about how I design ethos and my approach to knitting as a hobby and now a business. Which you can read all about in the Vaulting into Colour profile.

    Just a couple of clarifications, with the Goblet of Fandom you now get 5 minis instead of 4 with the option of getting a different 100g skein instead or both, so each club box contains a minimum of 200g of yarn :D. Also the Alchemist’s Tote our project bag club, whilst it does and will feature project bags by the Little Grey Girl (which debuted as an optional extra to the Sherlock club last quarter) in Q3 of this year, we’ll also be featuring other project bag makes like the wonderful Sam Boggia of Knitrundig this Quarter. It will feature their signature style of bag for that quarter in themed fabric.

    On top of all the excitement with the interview and profile, Christine asked to use some of my yarn for a design and after learning about my approach to design she wanted to feature one of my patterns also. Whilst I came up with a couple of design ideas, the favourite for this issue was the Time Vortex hat, which I’m pretty proud to say is my first not self published pattern. It’s slightly different seeing one of your patterns in print!

    You should buy the magazine for the patterns, which can be found online through knitting magazine’s website Or in most WH Smiths or some supermarkets and newsagents. For a list of stockists visit

    Rey Gloves by Christine Boggis

    You get to see a sneak peek at the designs now though with the Rey Gloves (above) by Christine Boggis featuring “And you’ll drop your weapon” in Caroline dk which is available to purchase in the shop and my pattern Time Vortex hat which features a good dyer friend’s yarn, Emily from Rhapsodye yarns.

    Time Vortex hat

    There are some fantastic patterns in this issue, not just mine ;p so go pick it up and tell me how many references you can spot! 

    Credit for these images goes to Knitting magazine (February 2018, issue 177) Copyright GMC Publications. I sadly couldn't include the full pages as the files were too large so to see the full pages patterns and all the articles in all their glory don't forget to buy the magazine!