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  1. Hi Everyone,

    It’s been a while, which is pretty usual for me. I’m not amazing at creating social media content, bad at writing newsletters and even worse at updating this blog! Which in itself is a little funny as Third Vault Yarns first began its origins as a little blog about knitting and geekery called Third Vault on the Left (Don’t ask me what that was from, I was 13 when I started it and that was far too long ago for me to remember my reasoning). Nowadays in a weird form of serendipity, Third Vault on the Left refers to my studio, in the vaults of the Cambridge heath railway, where I have for the past two years up until mid March created all your yarns. Right now though along with everyone else that is able, I have relocated some of my equipment back home and am dyeing yarn from my family’s kitchen,  back to the start but in slightly different surroundings (we have a different kitchen layout now)!

    About 4 weeks ago I asked you if you’d like to take a little journey into colour and mystery with me, by signing up to receive a Mystery Study and joining in with voting on your favourite colour palette, that I would then turn into yarn and post out to land on your doorsteps.

    It has been a fun experience so far and I love the challenge of working to a specific colour palette, both recreating the colours from my dyes and to then create a new and beautiful colourway out of them. Many of you have gotten involved with voting on the colour palettes I’ve offered up and some of you have jumped in to carry on the journey with me from colour palette to yarn. So as the majority of you have now receive your yarn and feedback to me I’d love to share with you my inspirations for the first Colour study and of course share a little yarny goodness with you.

    30+ Fabulous Fall Color Palette Collection Ideas For Amazing Home Interior#amazing #collection #color #fabulous #fall #home #ideas #interior #palette

    It's funny the first two palettes have had very nebulous start, with this colour palette being drawn from this abstract painting, then made into a palette by Tracey bureau. The colours reminded me of a Kingfisher and I wanted the yarn to have a feathered or subtle wave effect when worked up, so I combined two dyeing styles to bring you this colourway. 

    3 skeins of yarn dyed with splashes of orange, teal, blue, black and mushroom